Mila Sai is an eco-conscious jewelry brand, designed and hand made in Barcelona. Born as the result of a creative research inspired by the complexity and simplicity of nature and the upcycle path, in order to stay in balance with our environment. 

All jewelry is unique, being designed in our studio, and hand shaped by a local glass and metal artisan, carefully molded by involving heat with lampwork and fusing techniques.

We obtain our material from discarded glass such as bottles, as an alternative in favor of the environment, redefining the waste into a durable piece of wearable art and conscious design. 

Due to the manual process there are slight variations on the final pieces, so no two are completely alike, making every pair special and unique. 

We like to focus on the details of the jewelry from the bases to the final piece of art. We select every bottle, go through a cleaning process, cut the glass and leave the material ready to be manipulated by heat and shaped into our shiny charms.

We think of packaging as the support that delivers the art. So though every aspect of Mila Sai is thought and designed with care, our packaging is still simple in order to maintain our brand on the low waste path.