Materials and metals

All our jewelry is hand shaped and handcrafted in Barcelona. We work with glass artisans and metal workshops to make our own unique pieces. 

Glass is specially selected from discarded bottles, and other discarded glass objects. 
We work with sterling silver, 14karat Gold-Filled, and gold vermeil 


14k gold-filled 

Its a regulated process where multiple layers of solid 14 Karat gold are bonded with extreme heat to a core of brass. It's legally required to have 1/20th of weight in pure gold, resulting in a much more durable piece and much more gold content than regular gold plated.

It can be worn daily without fading and won't lose its shine, lasting for more than 10 years if it's treated with proper care. 


Gold vermeil

Is a thick layer of gold bound to a sterling silver core. To be called vermeil Its gold must be at minimum -between 10K to 24K, with a thickness over 2.5 microns. Our gold vermeil is 18K gold, with a thickness of 3 microns. 

As it uses sterling silver as the base metal, it's generally safe for sensitive skins.

We recommend to store your piece in a cool, dry place, and not to wear it under water. It's better for its longevity to keep it away from high amounts of lotion and chemicals.

You can clean your pieces with a dry cotton cloth to brighten its surface.


Sterling silver 

Consists of 92,5 % silver and 7.5 % copper. The result of this combination is a stronger material for a more durable piece.

Pure sterling silver is very soft, so it's difficult to work with creativity and achieve the balance of beauty and durability that sterling silver provides.

We recommend not to wear sterling silver underwater or expose it to high levels of salt, and keep it in a dry place while not wearing it. You can also clean your piece with a jewelry polishing cloth.